Allied Admissions have confirmed to the HSE that we are continuing to provide the Assisted Admissions service as normal. In response to the current pandemic and to protect the well-being of staff and service users, all our staff are provided with personal protective equipment which they can use should the need arise. All our vehicles are equipped with additional hand foam and fitted with ozone producing devices that kills all virus and bacteria on board. As an additional measure and to reassure our staff we request that for the duration of this pandemic, when an RMP is completing the risk assessment that they would also complete the attached confirmation that a risk assessment has been carried out in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Welcome to Allied Admissions

Mental Health Patient Transport

Our Assisted Admissions Team provides a specialised mental health patient transport service across Ireland on behalf of the HSE for the transfer to or return of a person to an approved centre.

Specialised Patient Transport

The Allied Admissions transport service consists of  specially adapted discrete vehicles which are fully equipped to ensure the safety and the comfort of both the service user and the team.

Nationwide Service

Allied Admissions provides the assisted admissions service on a nationwide basis. Our vehicles are based in Dublin, Cork and Galway. Our highly specialised and trained teams are based throughout the country.

Domestic & International Returns

Allied Admissions has successfully provided a number of international transfers on behalf of the HSE in conjunction with An Garda Siochana and the Aer Corp.

Revised Mental Health Commission Statutory Forms

The Mental Health Commission has revised all of its Statutory forms.
The changes are minor but there is now additional space on the form for the insertion of clinical data.

Form 1 – Application (To a Registered Medical Practitioner) by Spouse or Civil Partner or Relative
Form 2 – Application (to a Registered Medical Practitioner) by an Authorised Officer
Form 3 – Application (to a Registered Medical Practitioner) by a Member of An Garda Síochána
Form 4 – Application (to a Registered Medical Practitioner) by any other person
Form 5 – Recommendation (by a Registered Medical Practitioner)

The revised statutory forms shall come into effect from 12.01am on Monday 8 July 2019.
The old statutory forms cannot be used after this date and it is recommended that you destroy any supply of the old forms you hold after that date.
The Mental Health Commission will no longer supply hard copies of the statutory forms to GPs. The forms can be downloaded, printed and copied from the Commission’s website at
It is recommended you retain the Commissions web address as listed above for convenient access for future downloads of these statutory forms.
Revised Statutory Forms Notice – 8 July 2019
Revised Statutory Forms – Effective 8 July 2019 – Sample Set

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About Us

Assisted Admissions with the Allied Admissions Team

Servisource Healthcare provides the assisted admissions service under the trading name of Allied Admissions on behalf of the HSE.

This specialised patient transport service provides for the removal or return of a person to an Approved Centre in accordance with sections 13 and 27 of the Mental Health Act, 2001.

Allied Admissions supports patient centred care at each stage on the journey to recovery. Due to the highly sensitive nature of this service the Allied Admissions team ensure that the process is conducted in a professional, empathetic manner, safeguarding the dignity and privacy of the person always. The wellbeing of the service user is an important consideration at every stage of this highly sensitive process.

Call Our Team Today

National Lead: (042) 936 8333 – Marguerite Murphy

Clinical Lead: (021) 462 6147 – Robert O’Connell

Clinical Lead: (021) 462 6146 – Con Lynch

Administrator: (042) 936 8306 – Martina Cassidy


Most impressive was the high level of patient focus, getting to know the patient and their needs prior to the journey. Also the fact that it could be organised at a weekend to happen the following Tuesday.

Assistant Director of Nursing

Mercy University Hospital

The service you provide was very professional, efficient and couldn’t recall any situation whereby the process of assisting or transferring a patient to/from the approved centre could be improved on.

Jonathan Swift

St James Hospital

The PHN on site was extremely impressed by the caring and professional approach of your staff. The PHN said in all her years nursing she never seen such a kind and compassionate approach by staff.

Development Coordinator

Merlin Park hospital

Our Team



A fully qualified paramedic are registered with the PHECC and authorised by them to operate to their latest Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Psychiatric Nurse

Team lead

Fully qualified and highly experienced registered psychiatric nurse approved by the HSE with specific assisted admissions training.

Psychiatric Nurse

Team Member 3

Fully qualified and highly experienced registered psychiatric nurse approved by the HSE with specific assisted admissions training.

Female HCA/Psychiatric Nurse

Team member 4

Fully qualified and highly experienced Psychiatric Nurse or Healthcare Assistant approved by the HSE with specific assisted admissions training.