Mental Health & Well-being Summit 2019

Allied Admissions attended the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit 2019, held in Croke Park. The one of a kind summit, is one of the most important events of the year in regards to Mental Health. The summit allows people to gain genuine, practical information and education on handling and managing mental health.

The Summit attracts attendees from all corners of Ireland, with people attending coming from an array of backgrounds from corporate to medical. There were also many attendees from across Europe and the USA. The essential information that is provided at the summit regarding coping with mental in all parts of your day to day life means it is an event not to be missed on the mental health calendar.

The information provided at the event is delivered in a graceful and absorbable manner meaning that advice can be easily understood and taken away to be applied to everyday life.

This event allows important information to be given directly to people who need it most.

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